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Tell Congress..."Iran Cannot Be Trusted!"

Dear [Decision Maker],

I implore you to vote "NO" on the nuclear agreement with Iran.

I am deeply concerned that the announced agreement has legitimized Iran as a military nuclear power. I applaud efforts to peacefully resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis, but signing onto a bad deal is not the way to achieve that end. Allowing Iran to pursue nuclear weapons and continue its sponsorship of terror threatens international peace and security. Within a matter of years, this deal will give Iran - the greatest destabilizing force in the Middle East and the most prolific state sponsor of international terrorism - the tools to undermine American efforts and interests in the region, while placing thousands of American lives and those of our allies in peril.

I urge you to reject the nuclear agreement. Force the international community to return to the negotiating table to secure a good deal that would truly close off all Iranian paths to a nuclear bomb.

As your constituent, I trust that you will make my voice heard.

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